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I Did Something Good So Let Me Tell The World About It

31 Oct

Doing good isn’t actually doing good when you only do it so that you can tell everyone that you have done good.

That is a bit of a mouthful, but I can’t tell you how many people I know who only do good deeds so that their peers know they have done something good. There is a difference between spreading awareness about the causes and organizations you believe in and spreading awareness about all of YOUR philanthropic activities and how much it changed YOU.

Here is the thing, doing a good deed is awesome, but when you do something good just so you can tell others you have done something good, it isn’t a good deed anymore, it’s a self-serving one.  I have a friend who frequently does this over Facebook.

“I did this and it was an awesome experience for me!”

“I did this! And it changed my life!”

Notice anything wrong with these statements? It’s all about ME ME ME.

Don’t go on a mission trip and come back only to talk about how much the experience changed you. Um, isn’t the purpose of volunteering on mission trips to change the lives of others?

I had a friend who volunteered abroad and when she came back all she talked about was how much it affected her. I was stunned. I was like, ”that’s wonderful, but what did you do for them? How did you better their lives?” That is the purpose of going on mission trips, after all, isn’t it?

When you do something philanthropic, you don’t immediately have to take to Facebook and share it with the world. You don’t have to post about how awesome you are for doing something so angelically good, and you don’t have to talk about how much better you are because of it all over social media. It seems selfish and self-serving and it seems like you are just trying to convince people to see you a certain way.

Talk about the organizations you love and want to be a part of. Spread awareness about issues that you believe in with all of your heart, but don’t make it all about you. Because, a person who does that, is not good and is not doing good. They are only doing good for themselves.

It’s not doing good when you only do it so that others know you have done good.

You don’t need another’s validation to feel good about yourself. Knowing that you have done a good deed should be enough for you.





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