31 Oct

When I think about the future,

I am paralyzed with fear.

There is no sister ship to guide me,

no lighthouse shining

from the rocky shore.

All I know is, my world is bigger

with you in it.


The Beginning

31 Oct

Remember the moments

when desire overcame us, and

every passing moment

we could not touch

was an injustice, a lifeline

severed. I wish

I could live in those moments



Tuesday Tune: Flashed Junk Mind

15 Sep

Tuesday Tune: Heroine

4 Sep


Heroine by Dwntwn. Love. Love. 

Conversations In Bars

4 Sep

We sat at a bar
on the outside patio
talking about all the lives
we wanted to live, how
we didn’t feel we belonged,
how we wanted more.
We looked at the stars as if
they were other worlds
within reach, drank
a few more beers, and then
went home to the same old
sheets in the same worn-down bed.


The Green Girl

4 Sep

She didn’t live in the moment
Her thoughts were
her greatest companion, and
her worst counterpart.
If there was one piece
of advice I could give her,
it would be: to
practice the art
of just being.
Just be.

“You speak like a green girl, unsifted in such perilous circumstance.” -Polonious to Ophelia, Hamlet


Tuesday Tune: Gentle Folks

23 Jul

Gentle Folks by Hunter Hunted.


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