Tuesday Tune: Mother & Father

3 Jul


Mother & Father by Broods. Lerrrrveeee. JAM.

Tuesday Tune: Come With Me Now

10 Jun


Come With Me Now by KONGOS.

We Danced All Night

6 Jun

We danced all night.

We drank all day.

We swam in the Mediterranean


We laughed at our lives.

My God, did we laugh.

And every moment

was a rooftop view.

In the sweat and the haze

and the salt and the sun;

I was free.

I was living.

I remember feeling alive, and

thinking to myself

“I should feel this way more often.”


Tuesday Tune: My Silver Lining

2 Jun


My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit. Obsessed with their music.


The Way He Saw The World

2 Jun

He didn’t just have a passion for life,

but for people.

“You see,” he said

“they are one in the same.”



One Thing I’ve Learned

2 Jun

One thing I’ve learned

is that

you’ve got to let people in.

Into the depths.

Into the dark.

Into the light.


Tuesday Tune: Beating Heart

7 May


Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding.


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