The Cost of Living

18 Feb

Parts become pieces, and

pieces get lost

day by day,

year after year

until, you wake up

and realize

who you were

is no longer who you are

and the pieces that once held you together

no longer fit.


The Things That Holds Us Back

18 Feb

I am every love letter you were too afraid to send.

I am every missed chance at an honest laugh.

I am the girl in the books, you never read.

I am every stolen kiss from those cycling through your bed.

I am the wind in your hair on your loneliest day.

I am those three little words that you could never say.



18 Feb

Elusive, devil



I wish we would meet again,


insomnia sleep

Tuesday Tune: Splitting Wood

13 Jan

Splitting Wood by Claire Guerreso

Tuesday Tune: Jealous

6 Dec

Jealous by Labrinth.

Dear Diary

6 Dec

I can’t sleep. So here I am,


Here I am.

Looking for the answers

on the blanks of your pages.


We Are Volcanoes

6 Dec

We are volcanoes


as magma rises,

for our time to come.

It will come. And the words

that finally erupt from us

will destroy cities.



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